Lovitt Technologies Australia provides complex structural components and assemblies for the aerospace industry, complete to engineering.

Utilising the latest in CNC machining equipment and methodology, coupled with our vertically integrated supply chain that includes processing at company owned Electromold Australia , we ensure our customers receive the most cost effective and reliable supply solutions possible.

The four key areas of capabilities that we focus on are:
• Program Management
• Supply Chain
• Machining
• Processing
• Assembly

Taking advantage of our integrated approach to the total design and manufacturing process, we deliver a better product in quicker to market time frames.

From innovative design solutions, thoughtful materials sourcing, precision machining, tooling, assembly and finishing, we have the combined passion for the work and experience of our people to set us apart from our competitors.

Today we continue to invest in our equipment, technologies and, importantly, our people to ensure we compete on the global stage. We invite you to partner with us to see what is possible and what the future holds.

For many years, we have conducted a recycling programme. Scrap metal, namely steel, titanium and aluminium, is collected for recycling.