Lovitt Technologies Australia is fully accredited and operating to SAE Standard AS9001D (aerospace and defense) and ISO 9001:2015. The accreditation was granted in 2005 by SAI Global.

Internal quality audits are undertaken on a periodic basis, complemented by external reviews by accredited standards agencies.

Testing procedures are dictated by the raw materials, manufacturing process, finishing process and finished product specification. Should it be necessary for components to undergo testing outside the capabilities of Lovitt Technologies Australia, the work is sub-contracted to an appropriately qualified and certified third-party.

Our Quality Assurance System is fully documented and sets out the organisational structure, responsibilities, policies, processes and resources required to implement the Quality Management System.

The Procedures Manual contains detailed instructions on quality issues for all aspects of manufacturing and process control including:
• Supplier evaluation and approval
• Contract (purchase order) review
• Purchasing
• Traceability of the raw material through to finished product
• Inspection, testing and verification
• Training and certification of personnel
• Non-conformance, correct and preventative actions
• Maintenance of monitoring and measuring equipment, including gauges, verniers, micrometers, and co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).
• Documentation control, and
• Internal audits.

Operationalising a Quality Management System offers internal benefits which translate into value for the customer including consistency of quality, iterative improvement, cost reduction and risk mitigation.

Lovitt Technologies Australia invites customers to inspect our Quality Assurance System and operating procedures manual on-site at any time.